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    Hi Jon,

    To understand how this works ABC actually made a good list to show how this works. First, an interesting side note. Trump has done 3 already. One of interest is below:

    Sept 12, 2018: The National Emergency With Respect to Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election attempted to prevent any meddling with the 2018 midterm elections amid the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    President Clinton did this one:

    October 21, 1995: The National Emergency With Respect to Blocking Assets and Prohibiting Transactions with Significant Narcotics Traffickers Centered in Colombia was declared after increased reports of drug cartels laundering money through American companies.

    If you look over the list ABC has on their website you can see many emergencies have been declared for seemingly insignificant things that happen around the world. The one above by President Clinton would be closely related to the one President Trump wants to declare.

    There are all kinds of government reports that would support an emergency being declared by POTUS.

    1. The number of drugs being smuggled into the United States and the number of associated deaths.

    2. The sheer number of desperate people fleeing to the United States from Central America.

    3. The number of human traffic victims.

    4. The number of women being raped.

    5. The number of children being used in various nefarious ways.

    6. The huge number of people asking for asylum and the court backlog.

    7. The financial strain being put on our economy.

    8. The strain being put on our medical facilities.

    9. The number of murders being committed.

    I could list each crime as a separate reason for declaring a national emergency but a simple list can be found on Page 4 of this PDF from a government website. This is just one government report.

    If we look over the list of declared emergencies related to other countries it is easy to see why we are in a state of emergency in the U.S. Many Presidents have declared emergencies for foreign countries and their situation was not nearly as bad as ours in many cases.

    Hope that helps!

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    Pj, name calling isn’t honest intellectual discussion. I can show many video clips of the MSM making the same claims as you do. The world is coming to an end, insane, end of democracy etc. Two years later none of their predictions came true. Just the opposite. You will have to get over this because you guys have 6 more years to deal with it.

    Remember the 2016 media meltdown.

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    Jon, You have been drinking the Kool-Aid again. It is complicated stuff for sure. However, nobody ever paid that rate. Who would? Anyone that had that kind of money would simply move to a more friendly country. Besides, it is a myth that this article might clarify for you. You can find many other articles on this long before Trump was President.

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    John. Will you acknowledge that what is being done to President Trump by the FBI and others should be prosecuted or at the very least investigated and taken to a Grand Jury for determination?

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    Hi John. I agree with much of what you are saying however, it is a matter of degree and comparison.
    Lying to Troops – Fully agree.

    Syrian Pullout – Mostly agree. I never heard the one about the Banana Republics. I did hear that it came after WWI as the war reparations caused Germans to have to use wheelbarrows of money to buy a single loaf of bread. That gave rise to Hitler according to the professor. Not sure if that is the whole truth. In either case, I say if you have to go to war then go in, kill, destroy and then leave. We should not care what kind of government they choose afterward as long as it is not hostile to us.

    America First – Partially agree. The swamp people Trump had during his campaign are the only ones I’m aware of. Cohen was a leftover from Trumps rough and tumble New York City businessman days. I’m from NYC so I know you need to be a killer in business. Manafort and Flynn both worked for the Dems at other times. Nobody should lay that on Trump.

    Border Wall – Don’t agree much. While you make some valid points. I like the latest proposal to use seized cash and assets from the border to pay for the wall. That is a win-win. Nancy gets to say the House did not fund it and Trump gets to say Mexican Cartels paid for it. Border Patrol says the wall works. I will defer to the experts. That includes Obama’s former head of the Border Patrol who Trump replaced. Even he is on record agreeing with Trump on the wall. It is not the entire answer but Trump does include technology in his budget. Trump also saved the US billions on Air Force 1 and the manufacturing of military hardware. I don’t think a man like that is going to allow a budget overrun on the border wall or do a half-assed job.

    USA Today (not conservative) estimates every illegal who is caught at the border costs US Taxpayers $21,134.00. (not conservative and who’s checking the checkers?) points out nobody knows how many do not get caught coming in. However, they do state the number caught at 400,000 in 2018. Click here. That cost us over $8 Billion in 2018. This doesn’t include the cost of those who get through and other costs. Those estimates go over $100 Billion and don’t count the emotional cost to Americans who suffer. I’ll grant the argument so just use the $8 Billion. To me, this is a no brainer. Sure, I believe in using tech and securing our other ports of entry as well.

    Government Shutdown
    President Trump has Zero that is 0 Vetos on record. I could not find anything on 9,000 breaches in San Diego. Not saying you didn’t read that somewhere but if there is no barrier there is nothing stopping anyone. Anyone can pop a lock on your front door but you still lock it. Many prominent Dems have been saying walls don’t work. I can’t believe you missed that. Try FOX News a little. I watch CNN from time to time. Nancy even calls a wall immoral and that walls don’t work. That makes her look foolish as well. Trump is on record with compromises and Nancy is on the record saying no compromise. They try to say open the government and then we will talk. However, when Nancy was then asked by Trump about that she said no money for a wall. This is 3-day old news and I’m surprised you missed it. Click here.

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    I’m sure you saw my latest post on Vets for Trump where I address this.
    In order to be intellectually honest, I fully admit President Trump’s remarks about military pay in Iraq pissed me off to no end. Every time a politician throws out bullshit it diminishes their credibility. I make ZERO excuses for him in relation to this load of crap! However, we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. If we did we would have to throw nearly every politician out. No need to go down a list of lies other Presidents have spewed. We all know that crap flies from both sides.

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