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    Jon B

    Another example of President Trump thinking he is above the law, his Whistle Blower blather.  Why doesn’t he have to turn over the report?  Is he truly above the law?  Is this what you supported him for?  What about when Bernie gets elected?  Do you really want him, or someone like him, to have all of the power you are willing to see Trump upsurp?  Is that why you served?  I served to preserve this country, not to cheer when someone destroys our institutions.

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    P J Broun

    A life of fraud.  That’s what Spanky has lived for himself and his family.  He has done it all, from tax fraud, bank fraud, business deals, money laundering, business fronts, Charitable foundation, various other scams and his “bone spur” lie to avoid military service.

    Combine that with his personal life and you have a man “chosen by God” according to the evangelical preachers that support him.

    Spanky has the temperament of a badly spoiled and entitled child.   He has little if any self control.  He has to respond when slighted in any way.   He is needy and must always be the center of attention.  He is not knowledgeable on any subject and has a limited attention span.

    When the Spanky era ends how will we remember it?   Will it be factual or the “alternate reality” that he and his supporters prefer?

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    Jon B

    Now President Trump is threatening to hold his breath until he turns blue if the Dems don’t stop being mean to him.

    We don’t have to worry about Trump shutting down the Legeslative process since McConnell has already done so.  How many bills have the House passed that McConnell refuses to bring to the Senate Floor.

    The Democrats are not the do nothing party, it is the GOP that only knows how to impede.

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    Jon B

    Everyone is upset with the Whistleblower, why?

    This person(s) works for the Government.

    They saw something that didn’t seem right.

    They reported it to their supervisor.

    They did NOT call a press conference, send thier report to congress or anything else.

    The followed procedure.

    What were they suppose to do?  Ignore it since it concerns Trump?  Are they only suppose to only have concerns with Democrats?

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    Jon B

    Thanks to President Trump’s actions, now we have a change to MAGA.

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    Jon B

    What would the GOP had said if 4 years ago Obama had threatened Civil War?

    Would the GOP shrugged their shouders if Obama had withheld $400 million in foriegn aid unless said foriegn country investigated his political enimies?

    What if Obama had threatened to charge the senior membership of the GOP with treason?

    What if Obama had called a Whistle Blower against him a spy and called for his/her execution?

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    Jon B

    How can Congress following the procedures from the Constitution and Laws be a Coup?

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    Jon B

    Great! President Trump just asked ANOTHER Country to investigate his political opponents.

    Here is a controversial video from Rep. Adam Schiff’s full opening statement on the Whistleblower’s complaint.   It is the best clip, that I’ve seen, that explains the Democrat’s complaint.

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    Jon B

    Ever notice that all of the Immigration “reforms” would have prevented President Trump’s wife from entering the Country?

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    Jon B

    Republican Senator Rob Portman released the press released linked below.  This detailss a letter sent to Ukraine in Feb. 2016 about the removal of the Prosecuter President Trump caimed was removed because Bidens wanted it.  The letter shows that the Bidens did want the prosecuter out.  So did a variety of politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    The CNN article on the topic:

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    Jon B

    Why is the President above the law? What does he have to hide? His actions are not those of an innocent man. If he is innocent,why does he obstruct the investigation?


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    Jon B

    President Trump:
    “I view the situation on the Turkish border with Syria to be, for the United States, strategically brilliant. Our soldiers are out of there, they’re totally safe. They’ve got to work it out. Maybe they can do it without fighting.”

    How is this acceptable?

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    Jon B

    What kind of immoral cretin would try to ambush a grieving couple with their son’s killer? Trump

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    Jon B

    President Trum confessed to an impeachable act and Mulvaney hs confirmed it?  Wow!

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