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    Add your comments or questions about President Trump to this topic area. Vets for Trump will answer most questions on the Vets for Trump National website.

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    Jon Beasley

    I am surprised by the lack of reaction to the blatant disrespect President Trump has shown the Military. He lies to the troops, has on several occasions. His latest, he lied to the trrops about Trump giving them a 10% raise, the first in 10 years! He said this while overseas visiting the troops. How insulting! President Trump doesn’t care a wit about the troops, except as a photo op.

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    I’m sure you saw my latest post on Vets for Trump where I address this.
    In order to be intellectually honest, I fully admit President Trump’s remarks about military pay in Iraq pissed me off to no end. Every time a politician throws out bullshit it diminishes their credibility. I make ZERO excuses for him in relation to this load of crap! However, we can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. If we did we would have to throw nearly every politician out. No need to go down a list of lies other Presidents have spewed. We all know that crap flies from both sides.

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    Jon Beasley

    Lying to the Troops
    You’re right that every lie diminishes the President. I know all politicians lie, so do all businessmen. Its not so much Trump lying that pisses me off. Its that he tells such stupid lies. I define a stupid lie as one that can be disproved by the mere minimum of research, or none at all needed. The 10% is the latest example.

    Syrian Pullout
    I fully support pulling out our troops, once the job is done. What was our reason for going into Syria in the first place. Didn’t we go in to prevent the massacre of civilians in job lots? No, we can’t stay until a stable country is found. But generally, allies discuss their plans with each other. It makes for a much smoother working relationships.
    The President’s proclivity for making policy announcement via Twitter is not acceptable. He can not claim that it is opinions only, but not if he makes policy and personnel announcements via it. He needs to chose one or the other.
    Trump’s announcement that we were going to pull out immediately tanked our reputation for reliability with our allies. It is not Syria alone. Who is going to align themselves with us if they know they will be abandoned in an instant when it strikes the President’s fancy. Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from our treaties and obligation is unprecedented in American history. Yes, he has the legal right, but not necessarily the moral right.
    Plus, it seems like President Trump is the only person who thinks ISIS is destroyed. That announcement caught the other people fighting them by surprise!
    As to our “nation building” inclination, I’m pretty sure it came from the policy of setting up banana republics to satisfy the major US fruit companies.
    America First
    Yes, we elected President Trump in part to “drain the swamp”. The trouble is, he has just repopulated the swamp with his people. How many have resign after they were found to be abusing their power? You say you are tired f the “same old politicians working for their own self-interest”, but the people Trump has put in are working for their self interest. Trying to get a Chick-Filet (sp?) franchise?
    Border Wall
    Is Mexico paying for it, NO. There is no money going into the Federal Treasury earmarked for it. Mexico is not going to cut us a check. Trump knew that when he started saying it, or at least he should have. So he lied in speech after speech. Yes, all politicians lie, but not stupid ones.
    Why is there a great crisis now? Why is there such a great crisis that President Trump has to shut down the government now? Wasn’t the same need there last year, or the year before? He had BOTH house and still couldn’t get it passed. Why didn’t President Trump push for the wall the first year? Or the second? Why just now after the Democrats took over? Yes new barriers are needed in new locations, but where?
    President Trump wants $5.7B, for what? What design of wall is chosen? What is the path of the wall? How much private land must be “stolen” for the wall? (That is how some landowners refer to the eminent domain of their property, especially in Texas). Congress authorized funding previously to get these questions answered. Sample walls were built, but nothing else. Do you usually buy a Pig in a Poke? Do Government Projects usually get funded for vague generalities? Why should this one be? A project of this magnitude takes a while to design. But it needs to be done BEFORE funds are allocated. Otherwise, how much does the project need? How will the money be spent? We all know the wisdom of giving unremarked funds to any agency.
    No one is saying walls don’t work. We are saying they don’t work 100%. But that is the number Trump keeps quoting. What are the plans for when the barrier gets breached. With the example of 9,000 breaches in San Diego, how much money will the wall save if there are that many in remote areas.
    Plus the numbers being quoted to justify this are complete bullshit. Yes 7,000 potential terrorists were prevented from entering the USA. But NONE of the were caught on the Southern Border. Drugs do not get backpacked across the back country into this country, some does but only marijuana. We use far too much illegal drugs for them to backpack it in. It comes into the Ports of Entry. Plus, the number one drug problem we have, and number one by quite a margin, is 100% homegrown. Opiates and other prescription drugs are the number one problem.
    The people crossing the border, most of them have the legal right to cross. If they are applying for asylum, they can cross anywhere legally. Are we suppose to stop enforcing our laws? If you disagree with this policy, then get it changed. But until then, they can cross.
    Government Shutdown
    How can the Democrats compromise? The President worked out a deal in December. Both Houses passed it exactly the way he said he would sign it. It got to his desk and he vetoed it. This happened several times in last year’s budget. President Trump taking Ann Coulter’s advise over his aides is crap. That is exactly how the deal got killed in December. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh said it would make him look weak.
    No the Democrats are not willing to compromise, because they have nothing to compromise to. There are no plans that can be tweaked to reach an agreement. I don’t blame them for not giving any money for the wall, since we have no idea what it will be.
    Open the government, THEN work on the wall. Stop punishing innocent people. President Trump did not have to shut down the government the last two years over the wall, why did he have to shut it down now? Why does the majority of the country not see a need for a wall?
    According to Pew Research, more Americans continue to oppose (62%) than favor (35%) building a wall along the entire US. border with Mexico. And that is all that has been proposed, a wall along the entire border. There have been some vague proposals, but nothing “concrete” enough to debate. (sorry for the pun). That is why we need a design.

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    Hi John. I agree with much of what you are saying however, it is a matter of degree and comparison.
    Lying to Troops – Fully agree.

    Syrian Pullout – Mostly agree. I never heard the one about the Banana Republics. I did hear that it came after WWI as the war reparations caused Germans to have to use wheelbarrows of money to buy a single loaf of bread. That gave rise to Hitler according to the professor. Not sure if that is the whole truth. In either case, I say if you have to go to war then go in, kill, destroy and then leave. We should not care what kind of government they choose afterward as long as it is not hostile to us.

    America First – Partially agree. The swamp people Trump had during his campaign are the only ones I’m aware of. Cohen was a leftover from Trumps rough and tumble New York City businessman days. I’m from NYC so I know you need to be a killer in business. Manafort and Flynn both worked for the Dems at other times. Nobody should lay that on Trump.

    Border Wall – Don’t agree much. While you make some valid points. I like the latest proposal to use seized cash and assets from the border to pay for the wall. That is a win-win. Nancy gets to say the House did not fund it and Trump gets to say Mexican Cartels paid for it. Border Patrol says the wall works. I will defer to the experts. That includes Obama’s former head of the Border Patrol who Trump replaced. Even he is on record agreeing with Trump on the wall. It is not the entire answer but Trump does include technology in his budget. Trump also saved the US billions on Air Force 1 and the manufacturing of military hardware. I don’t think a man like that is going to allow a budget overrun on the border wall or do a half-assed job.

    USA Today (not conservative) estimates every illegal who is caught at the border costs US Taxpayers $21,134.00. (not conservative and who’s checking the checkers?) points out nobody knows how many do not get caught coming in. However, they do state the number caught at 400,000 in 2018. Click here. That cost us over $8 Billion in 2018. This doesn’t include the cost of those who get through and other costs. Those estimates go over $100 Billion and don’t count the emotional cost to Americans who suffer. I’ll grant the argument so just use the $8 Billion. To me, this is a no brainer. Sure, I believe in using tech and securing our other ports of entry as well.

    Government Shutdown
    President Trump has Zero that is 0 Vetos on record. I could not find anything on 9,000 breaches in San Diego. Not saying you didn’t read that somewhere but if there is no barrier there is nothing stopping anyone. Anyone can pop a lock on your front door but you still lock it. Many prominent Dems have been saying walls don’t work. I can’t believe you missed that. Try FOX News a little. I watch CNN from time to time. Nancy even calls a wall immoral and that walls don’t work. That makes her look foolish as well. Trump is on record with compromises and Nancy is on the record saying no compromise. They try to say open the government and then we will talk. However, when Nancy was then asked by Trump about that she said no money for a wall. This is 3-day old news and I’m surprised you missed it. Click here.

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    John. Will you acknowledge that what is being done to President Trump by the FBI and others should be prosecuted or at the very least investigated and taken to a Grand Jury for determination?

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    Trump is a JOKE!

    I think it says everything that the most popular part of your pro Trump site was probably the Haters corner…thats all i got for today Mike.

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    I’ve been in the advertising marketing and web development game ever since I retired back in 2002. One thing I can assure you, people are many times more likely to complain then to praise. That’s all I have for you today 🙂

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    Jon Beasley

    I disagree that the FBI is doing anything wrong. They are investigating possible crimes. That’s their reason d’etre. Its not politically motivated, how can it be? Didn’t President Trump put in the people that are in charge? Don’t you think they would stop the investigations if there was no merit to them?
    I see no reason not to investigate them, but then I don’t see anymore reason to investigate them then I did when they were performing “politically motivated” investigations into Hillary Clinton.
    Our Law Enforcement and Intelligence Organizations are staffed by professional people. Yes, they are real people and some might want to investigate based on political motives. But, when they bring in others to the investigations, any political motive will be exposed and the investigation stopped.
    What current investigation is more inappropriate that being investigated 9 times for the same thing? Finding no evidence of wrong doing, another investigation was opened. Did you question the FBI’s motives when they did this to HRC? Were the new investigations opened, that were coincidentally publically announced during her campaign, politically motivated? They also investigated for years about her email server, but no investigation has been opened about a current senior official using an unsecured phone for official business. Did the FBI change their political views after the election?
    Yes, President Trump is being investigated for a lot of stuff right now. But the “crimes” he is being investigated for involve the election. Couldn’t really open them up before he ran for office.
    What specific investigation do you find wrong? Mueller’s investigations aren’t the “Witch Hunt” President Trump keeps claiming. Witch Hunts don’t find evidence of any crimes since they are 100% baseless.
    Maybe “collusion” isn’t a crime, but lying about it to Congress sure as hell is. Why can’t politician learn that it isn’t the “crime” that causes problems, its the cover up! If President Trump had been open about the issue, there wouldn’t have been anything to investigate. But when questioned about the meeting, which was 100% appropriate, people started lying right off the bat!

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    MkellyMike Kelly

    If people cannot see the corruption in the DOJ, FBI, NSA, CIA etc I don’t know what to say. It is as plane as the nose on your face. For goodness sakes! Haven’t you seen the text messages between the FBI folks? Haven’t you read about the FISA Court scandal? Maybe it is because I watch FOX News and you watch something else that doesn’t talk about it.

    Even the well known Democrat and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz wrote a book called The Case Against Impeaching Trump. Dershowitz has been called “one of the most prominent and consistent defenders of civil liberties in America” by Politico and “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights” by Newsweek. These are NOT right-leaning organizations!!

    Yet he has come under partisan fire for applying those same principles to Donald Trump during the course of his many appearances in national media outlets as an expert resource on civil and constitutional law. Look him up. There are also many others.

    PS This is NOT a new phenomenon.  The FBI has been a corrupt organization for a very long time. Later in life and after his death, J. Edgar Hoover became a controversial figure as evidence of his secretive abuses of power began to surface.

    He was found to have exceeded the jurisdiction of the FBI, and to have used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders, and to collect evidence using illegal methods. Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten others, even sitting presidents of the United States.

    That stuff above is on Wikipedia so you can follow the link to Hoover I provided if you have doubts.

    There are many lies and abuses related to the CIA and NSA as well as the IRS and DOJ. Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. I do not reference conspiracy theories. They are nuts. However, there is much legitimate info out there about the corruption of these agencies.

    I agree these agencies are filled with good people. I worked with them. It is usually the leadership that is the most corrupt but there is some at lower levels.

    Maybe I understand this better having come out of a Psychological Operations unit. I learned how to spot deceptive language long ago listening to the then Soviet Union broadcast news back to American troops while I was in Germany. It is not hard to see the techniques used to sway your opinion. Look for the descriptive words in verbal and written news articles.

    Here is the last thing. Do you really believe if Mueller had anything on Trump that he would sit on it? I mean if Trump is a Russian actor do you think Mueller would not bring forth evidence right away? Would you or I allow a known Russian operative to occupy the White House for any longer than it would take to produce the evidence?

    The whole premise for the Mueller investigation was based on lies and corruption at the highest level. Once it starts you can’t stop it. That is the only reason it continues.

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    Pj Broun

    I agree with you. Trump is a joke and a threat to our democracy. My earlier note was full of those ridiculous claims to see how Mike would respond… he didn’t. You are right that Mike has “ate it”. See his latest post about FBI, IRS, etc. It is sad that otherwise reasonable people perform the mental and moral gyrations necessary that allows them to conclude that Trump is not a mentally unstable child clown. He is empty of any sense of compassion and morality as his life of fraud and corruption has shown.
    Pj Broun

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    Pj, name calling isn’t honest intellectual discussion. I can show many video clips of the MSM making the same claims as you do. The world is coming to an end, insane, end of democracy etc. Two years later none of their predictions came true. Just the opposite. You will have to get over this because you guys have 6 more years to deal with it.

    Remember the 2016 media meltdown.

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    Jon Beasley

    Why would you reduce the DHS’s Task Force assembled to fight foreign election interference?  President Trump has basically gutted the budget for this Task Force.  One of his Campaign Planks was to strengthen election security.  This seems like a strange time to do this with the questions President Trump has raised about election fraud.

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    MkellyMike Kelly

    I’m open to hearing more about that. You may recall I don’t agree with everything POTUS does. However, if we are talking un-named sources I cannot bother to take the time to respond. See my Ancient Alien Theorists Say Yes article to understand why I don’t have time for un-named sources.

    If you are concerned about the legitimacy of our elections I want to know if you are for Voter ID. I know I am for it.

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    Jon Beasley

    I understand about anonymous sources.  I seem to have problem finding it again, therefore I apologize and withdraw my comment.

    What Government Report defines our National Emergency?  No one seems to identify the source. I can not find any Government reports that support President Trump’s claim of a National Emergency.  All of the reports I can find say the opposite.

    I read some of my recent comments and see that I am coming off as very anti-Trump.  I’m not, I just love to play Devil’s Advocate.

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