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    Jon Beasley

    What is everyone’s feelings on Climate Change?

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    MkellyMike Kelly

    Hey Jon, we are going to have to invite friends since this is a new website. I’ve written about this before on the archived Vets for Trump website.

    Bottom line is America is doing a good job in reducing carbon output. America still leads the world in CO2 output reduction.

    We also need to watch how we tamper with things. If you watched the history channel, back before it was all about bogus ancient aliens, you know the world cools and heats up. It was happening when man was very primitive and long before humans arrived on the scene.

    It is interesting that much of the CO2 going into our atmosphere can now be tracked to the release of the gas from the Arctic Tundra.

    This could explain the drastic cooling and heating cycles of the earth over the course of history. We find tropical plants under the arctic ice. The Earth went through an extended period of natural global warming, capped off by a supercharged spike of carbon dioxide that accelerated the greenhouse effect even more about 55 million years ago. Notice, man was not here then.

    Until we understand that the earth is ever changing we should consider our options but proceed cautiously. Man now has the power to upset the entire global weather system. If we interfere with a natural process we may regret it in the long run.

    As for clean air and water, I don’t know anyone who is against that. How much we put into trying to fix that which we don’t yet fully understand could be as devastating as doing nothing at all. It is a double-edged sword. There are no good answers in my opinion.

    One thing is for sure, whatever America is doing we should encourage the world to follow.


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    Jon Beasley

    Why do most of the Republicans bury their heads in the sand and say that there is no Global Warming?  Or that we humans have no effect on it?

    President Trump has repeatedly denied that Global Warming is even happening!  Again, his Scientific Advisors give him a detailed report HIS government compiled and he throws it away!  He has done everything in his power to prevent the country from doing anything about it.

    His pulling out of the Paris Accord shows how little he wants to understand science.  Why is he the only leader who does not see the need for action?

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    MkellyMike Kelly

    Listen to his actual words in the video on this page. Not the video at the top, the one a little further down on the page. It is from the BBC so you would likely accept it. He said the report is “fine” and that it addresses “America” and that is not enough if China and others don’t clean their act up. The economic impact to the US is likely overblown.

    Does anyone understand that America is extremely clean compared to much of the world? We cannot force the rest of the world to meet our standards, can we? Should we go to war with Canada, Russia, India, China, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, European Union and South Korea?

    America is the world leader in CO2 Reduction. How do you solve this problem? Do not sidetrack the conversation. How do you get the other countries on board? War? Economic sanctions? What is your answer?

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    Jon Beasley

    Yes, the USA is really clean to Third World Countries and emerging free economies.  So what?  Does that mean we will just brace for tropical climate at the poles because they won’t clean up their act?

    The Earth warms and cools significantly in cycles.  Scientific consensus seems to be that we were approaching a new Ice Age before our contributions.  I remember seeing reports back in the early seventies.

    There is plenty that we could do that has insignificant costs.  But whining because the EPA wants you to add a ~$5 part is silly.

    Yes, we need to do more to get  other countries to do their share.  Economic sanctions would do a lot.

    Pulling out of the Paris Accord was a really dumb move.  It tells the world that we care more for our pocket book than our lungs.

    No, we should not be doing major terra-forming projects as solutions to Climate Change.  But reducing our carbon footprint is not one of them.

    Plus, President Trump has said flat out that Global Warming is more “Fake News”.  Most of the GOP seems to share this opinion.  Its hard to formulize any program to reduce our contributions with the top politicians saying it is fake.  It is hard to get any accurate data f you gut the department responsible for collecting the data.

    We should not tank our economy for this, but a little sacrifice wouldn’t hurt too much.

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