August 16th MAGA/MIGA Rally

August 16th MAGA/MIGA Rally

August 16th MAGA/MIGA Rally

Location: Indiana County Fox & Coon Assoc.
255 Ramsey Run Rd
Indiana (1st right, after the underpass, past the S&T arena on East Pike) Google Map Link

4-5 PM – food served (feel free to bring a picnic if you can’t make the meal)
5-7 PM – Guest Speakers and music! Dance your feet off if you please!


This is an event to provide information and create an ongoing dialog on the issues facing America, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Indiana County. Guest speakers include:
Reverend Robert White – opening prayer & brief speech
Jill Cueni-Cohen – Independent Journalist
Cris Dush – State Rep 66th District
Dalia Kerzner – President, TurningPointUSA IUP
Mike Kelly – National Veterans for Trump

All candidates for County Commissioner have been invited to speak.

Additional guest speakers include:

  • Bob Manzi, candidate for District Attorney
  • Pat Dougherty, District Attorney
  • Mike Keith, candidate for County Commissioner
  • Robin Gorman, candidate for County Commissioner
  • Jim Struzzi, State Rep, 62nd district;
  • Joe Pittman, State Senator.
  • Jeff Pyle, State Rep (prior commitment) will be sending his speech in on the Second Amendment;
We have just recently added Dr. Charles Gallo to our speaker’s list for our August 16th MAGA/MIGA Rally!   Welcome Dr. Gallo, 1st Vice President of Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC), a statewide grassroots Political Action Committee focused on ensuring that the PA Constitutional Right (Article 1, Section 21) and the US Constitutional Right (the 2nd Amendment) continue to be protected and that citizens have the freedom to choose to exercise these rights without intrusive government regulations.   Dr. Gallo is a Clinical Psychologist and the owner and Director of East Suburban Psychological Associates, a large mental health practice in Monroeville. Dr. Gallo’s practice has been effectively serving the community since 1978. The foundational philosophy of the practice is the encouragement of the exercise of Freedom. In this context, Freedom is understood as the right and ability of an individual to make choices about his/her health. In order to empower individual choice knowledge is necessary.
As a responsible firearm owner, Dr. Gallo took steps over the years to acquire instruction and training in safe firearm ownership, in defensive shooting and regarding laws pertaining to firearm ownership and the use of lethal force. He has obtained certification as a firearm and crime prevention instructor in order to share this knowledge with interested others. He offers crime prevention education to local community groups as a way of encouraging individual and family safety and self-sufficiency as well as a way of giving back to the community.
Aaron Lehman, of Family Promise of Indiana County, will be on hand to discuss how this organization helps the homeless get back on their feet, without the aid of “hand-outs”.   All too often, people complain about those “living off the dole”. Of a free ride.  Family Promise breaks that stigma by educating and mentoring those who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless, jobless, etc.  It’s not a hand out organization…’s a Hand up.

DJ Shawn Tischler will be providing musical entertainment!

Our guest soloist for the event is Angela Deyarmin.  Angela is a 17-year-old Senior at Blairsville High School and has sung at numerous events!

She will be singing The Star-Spangled Banner and God Bless America!   Thank you to Chris Nagle, proud uncle of Angela, for assisting in this portion of the event!

All will have an opportunity to engage with the speakers on a one-on-one basis after they speak!

***This rally has been a much-needed event for Indiana and surrounding counties! We’re working hard, and under time constraints, to bring the area the opportunity to Rally for Trump, and to be informed by knowledgeable individuals!!
So..mark your calendars and plan to attend!!

**Alcohol is NOT permitted on the premises!
** Please bring a chair or blanket
**Bring your American Flag!!
**Wear your Trump gear!!

This event is designed to provide factual information and insight.
It is not an event to protest or cause disturbances.
We chose this venue because it is a privately owned property that we are renting. And, while this is an event open to the public, we reserve the right to remove those who cannot abide by the rules.

1. Alcohol is PROHIBITED per the Fox & Coon Association rules and is grounds for removal of those in possession. (Is it really necessary anyway?)

2. Any badgering or disrupting speakers will not be tolerated and is grounds for removal.

3. Blocking any entrances in any manner, be it on the roadways (East Pike or Ramsey Run), or entrance to the property will result in removal by law enforcement.

4. Please use waste receptacles. Do not litter the grounds.

5. If bringing children, please be mindful of their whereabouts at all times.

We’ve been working very hard in a few short weeks time to bring this event to the area. We want it to be one of many, so please be courteous and respectful to others.